Ghostbusters Review


Going into the reboot of Ghostbusters, let me just say I’m a huge fan of the original film and I even thought the sequel wasn’t too bad. I’ve been excited about this film ever since Paul Feig was helming it and I found out that it was going to star Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. I decided outside this paragraph to not even mention the original film as this version is so different and that film is so iconic, I feel it’s almost pointless. Yes you will see many returning faces and characters but the film treats the original almost as if it didn’t happen. Not only was the film kick ass but it’s getting mad hate for no good reason. Didn’t anyone’s parents tell them not to judge a book by its cover? Do these haters who are hating not know that for 10 years Bill Murray refused to do a 3rd film when everyone else was on board? We will never get a Ghostbusters 3 after the sad passing of Harold but what we did get was perhaps the best reboot of a major franchise I’ve ever seen.


What works about the film is that its sheer fun, elaborate set pieces, amazing finale, and the constant one liners from an all star cast. Wiig and McCarthy were best friends growing up and even wrote a book about the paranormal. Wiig went down a serious road and became a professor of science. McCarthy on the other hand continued her quest to find truth to the paranormal and befriended that amazingly, hilarious, and genius Kate McKinnon. Wiig is the serious one who has the hots for scene stealer Chris Hemsworth. Well, to be honest they all do. McCarthy brings the loud raunchy humour she’s so good at. McKinnon bring the offbeat bizarre and just weird personality yet she’s the most bad ass of the group and the lead inventor!

Kory Davis and Chris HemsworthWhen Wiig is fired from her job the three decide to team up. Wiig stumbled upon something possibly paranormal and very quickly New York City is being over run by apparitions. Once these cats are developed in comes Leslie Jones who is in charge of the metro and seeks to join the team. Then it’s on for the next 80 minutes to find a way to stop this haunting attack on the city.

Almost everything works in the film. Almost every one liner hits it’s mark. Individually these actors have been able to fill their comedic shoes quite well. They all mix well. You also can’t help but feel they just had a blast making the movie. While at times they do some recurring jokes specifically involving Chinese food and a fan favourite delivery man from Deadpool that gets old. Chris Hemsworth by far is the scene stealer of the film. I’ve never seen him literally break it down and cut loose more. For the ladies you’ll definitely get your girl power and man fix.

Leslie Jones has been at the centre of a lot of negative buzz because in the trailers she comes across as a loud mouth stereotype but in the final film she 100% does not come across this way and respectively plays her role in Ghostbusters. What I loved more than anything was the fact they didn’t modernise the film too much. So many reboots try to pimp out the cars, soup up the weapons, etc. here the film references movies like Point Break and Road house. They certainly didn’t try to overdue anything and stuck to the basics while slighting revamping the film.


There’s not a lot I didn’t like to be honest. The final 25 minute action scene is an epic ride that must be seen in 3D. Preferably IMAX 3D. This one is worth the extra few bucks. Also, a lot from the trailers isn’t in the final film and alternate scenes were used which was great. It runs right under 2 hours in length and doesn’t let up. I do wish there was way more development on the villain. He’s kinda just a cheesy 80’s goon who we never really get to know but I can’t say I really wanted to know that much more. I also feel there could have been maybe one more action scene or extend a couple but that’s not pick at this point. Some jokes feel a little ‘seen that before’ but director Paul Feig really delivered an almost home run.

In the end Ghostbusters sticks to its roots without going to far on any level. The cast, humour, effects, the direction, 3D, and The Hemsworth work. I implore everyone to look past the hate you have that the original cast isn’t leading the team(because of Bill Murray’s outrageous demands) and give this a go be used if you go see this and truly find it the disaster you’re just judging it to be then you can hate on me! Go see it this weekend!

Wait until the credits for a little suprise!

Review by Kory Davis