Ghost Note Review

Ghost Note

Ghost Note revolves around Mallory (Alicia Underwood) who gets left behind at her grandma’s house while her parents jet off on a Hawaii vacation without her. The girl in question is your usual annoying teenager so I couldn’t blame her on-screen parents one bit for leaving the little madamn behind.

In the early 1970’s, a series of unsolved murders were rumored to have been committed by an evil blues musician named Eugene Burns, who had sold his soul to the devil. Decades later, Rebellious teen Mallory’s long dead grandfather, a preacher, captured Eugene and performed an exorcism, but he was unable to expel the demon. Instead, he locked Eugene away to prevent him from hurting anyone else. Mallory accidentally sets Eugene free during a seance and now she must figure out a way to stop him before it’s too late.

After seeing another Midnight Releasing title this week I thought I was going to be in for a real treat. WTF blew me away with it’s cinematography but I was sent crashing down back to earth when I watched Ghost Note. It’s not to say it wasn’t viewable, it was. It just wasn’t up to the quality of WTF which was a real shame. Some shots were shaky, awkward, badly edited and it spoiled the viewing experience quite drastically.

Credit to the writers for writing something unique as Ghost Note has a very strange plot indeed. A blues musician who sold his sold to the devil (In almost Tenacious D fashion) who is now tormenting people in the afterlife. I was half expecting him to play sweet home alabama on repeat until the victims end up killing themself. Funnily enough in the opening scene someone does exactly that. It’s funny because the song was that bad I’d have probably killed myself too.

Mallory ends up finding Eugene’s possessed guitar Astaroth and his last, believed missing album. An album that when listened to will kill or drive insane anyone who listens to it. I can relate to that when my local radio station plays Ed Sheeran on repeat 100 times a day.

Ghost Note

Ghost Note doesn’t make a great deal of sense but it’s unique in it’s story. The characters in the film aren’t really relateable or believable so I’m rather rooting for the demon in this one to lay waste to them all. But hey, that’s just me. It’s interesting enough to watch one time and one time only. You drift through the story without too much depth or exploration. The soundtrack for me kept me watching, there are some great tunes in there that make Ghost Note worth watching for the rock music interludes alone.

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