Ghost Nets Review


Ghost Nets is a film about three friends that search for some peace on a desolated beach only to make a find that would change their relationship forever.

Shot on the coast of Kent, at Joss Bay, Ghost Nets provies raw and beautiful location that looks incredible, the story could have tranquil silence and still be a sight to behold, the cinematography is high def brilliance and fully immerses you into it’s surroundings as even a cold chill worked it’s way across me when the cold wind blew and the seagulls called. The cinematography adds to the films sense of isolation and loneliness as they are one with nature on their soon to be sinister adventure.


The two brothers in the story share a very uncomfortable relationship, no love there whatsoever but the bonds of family still lie strong in their history, as revealed in a shocking discovery mid-way through the film. Family troubles and events are hinted at and revealed ever so slowly in bites and it causes quite a contrast between the tranquil landscape and the suspenseful and tense pacing between it’s characters.

Ghost Nets is a nice, tense little short that looks great, feels great and is exciting to watch, a film that captivates as well as intrigues, the only downside to this movie for myself personally was it’s rather abrupt ending, it could have gone a multitude of ways but I didn’t feel the ending left me entirely satisfied from what was wholly a very well done short.