George A. Romero Passes Away Aged 77

George Romero

The man who made the Zombie genre. The orchestrator of the dead George A. Romero has sadly passed away after a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer the LA Times reports.

Romero supposedly passed away in his sleep while listening to the score of one of his favourite films, 1952’s The Quiet Man. His wife and daughter were with him at the time.

In 1968 the movie Night of the Living Dead defined a future generation of zombie movies. George created an entire genre of Horror and will be sadly missed by all. It’s quite hard for me to type this article as the news has only just been announced. My deepest condolences go out to all of Mr. Romero’s family. A true Horror legend has passed on and he will be fondly remembered and forever immortalised in his pictures.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends. The Horror community is a very close knit group of people and we will all mourn as one at this very sad time.

Rest in Peace sir.


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