George Lucas doesn’t like ‘Retro’ new installment

Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters Jean-Paul Pelissier/REUTERS

Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters Jean-Paul Pelissier/REUTERS

So it seems we’re not the only ones who are finding this over-hyped re-make (yes remake) a tad bit tiresome and repetitive. The dust has cleared and now the fad has calmed down somewhat people are starting to find faults with the new movie, and LOTS of them.

George Lucas is not one to bite his tongue about any matter Star Wars related and in a recent interview with Charlie Rose he expressed his true feelings about the new movie.

‘They weren’t that keen on having me involved anyway’ George speaks of Disney’s decision to leave him out of the equation to let them ‘do their own thing’.

George seemed very emotion when discussing his love of the franchise but at the end of the day he did choose to sell this franchise in the first place. He describes the severed tie as a ‘break up’, loving something but feeling the need to let it go, I’m sure the billions of dollars will keep you warm at night George.

Enjoy the video as Mr.Lucas discusses the franchise but it is nice to see that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind in this crazy over-sensitive world and for that Mr.Lucas, we salute you.