Games to Look Our For in 2015!

PlayStation_4_verticalWe may be going through what could be considered in the future to be the heyday of gaming. The current generation of consoles are picking up, more excellent games having been released; PCs and mobile devices are becoming more dominant in the gaming scene, creating a competition-creating parity between themselves and consoles; and the technology behind games is only getting better. 2015’s going to be a very good year for games, but which are the titles to watch out for?


Four Kings Casino & Slots

We’ve yet to see a decent console casino gaming game, the only fairly decent release being the casino PS3 Home environment, but it seems that the drought could be over with the new Four Kings Casino & Slots game for PS4 and PC. Players can play all of the games one would find in a casino, although it’ll be interesting to see if the title can compare to the existing crop of microgaming games currently provided by companies such as redflushcasino. If players can’t play with real cash – details have yet to be fully released – then this title might be at a distinct disadvantage!


No Man’s Sky

Space shooters have gone out of fashion since the days of Elite, but they’re making a comeback and No Man’s Sky looks like the genre’s top title of the year. Players fly through a procedurally generated galaxy comprising of over 18 quintrillion planets, each bursting with their own unique flora, fauna and landmasses. This could possibly be one of the best games ever created when it comes to the PS4 later this year.


Star Wars: Battlefront

Any gamer who enjoyed the Xbox and PS2 consoles during the noughties will know the Battlefront series; excellent shooting, flying and driving games set amongst the Star Wars universe featuring huge set-piece battles; and those same gamers will likely have had a heart attack when they heard about the series return later this year. Developed by DICE, creators of the Battlefield series, and presented in glorious HD, we’re already getting excited over this title.


Just Cause 3

For over the top, ridiculous action, the Just Cause series has it all! ‘Surfing’ on top of cars, planes, and motorbikes; having an infinite supply of parachutes and being able to face off against evil dictators – these are the reasons we love Just Cause, and the third iteration is going to be a sound continuation of these hilarious game mechanics!



Developed by Milestone, the people behind the excellent MotoGP series, Ride is a similar motorcycling game that will propel the genre into this generation of consoles. ‘True-to-life racing’ is a term that’s being banded around quite a lot by Milestone, so for those wanting to indulge their love of speed, look out for ride this Spring.

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