Fuzz on the Lens Productions behind Staten Island Clown prank

The creepy clown that has been making headline news has finally been revealed as a prank from Horror production company Fuzz on the Lens Productions. The same Fuzz on the Lens Productions that Back to the Movies are partnered with? The very same !  The thing is thou, we didn’t even know ! We were watching news stories in the US, people going crazy over this creepy clown and we didn’t have a clue !!

Fuzz on the Lens Productions

A fantastic Viral Marketing stunt from a superb indy film production company, take a bow guys, you took over the world media and scared the crap outta them !


Fuzz posted this on their Facebook not so long ago to confirm it was infact them clowning around on the net.

We hope you enjoyed the circus and were at least at some point during the past two weeks entertained by the #SIClown.

Whether you think the clown is hysterical, petrifying or anything in between we’d love to hear about it…and if you just can’t get enough of him there is more exclusive content to come on our Fuzz on the Lens Productions Facebook page. There are also exclusive photos and videos on our Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube channel. The links can be found here or on our website.

Last but not least we appreciate all the support from everyone, who understood that the clown was just a joke, meant to give people something to talk about other than all the negative news in the world today.

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