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Following on from the Skype Horror film Unfriended comes another social media scarefest with Friend Request. The story follows Laura, a popular girl at school who’s life is posted to social media until one day she has a friend request from the school outcast. Said school outcast gets jealous when she isn’t invited to the Laura’s birthday party, gets very creepy and stalkery and kills herself invoking a curse on Laura and all of her friends. Simple right?

Whilst the story is simple, the main goal here was to make a horror version of The Social Network. Whilst this movie was the standard run of the mill horror flick, I was intrigued by the use of technology throughout the film. A particular scene involving a mobile phone and how the curse affected what he saw on the screen was reminiscent of the Night Terrors game we are heavily covering here on Back to the Movies.



As Laura’s  friends decrease after her hacked account leaks various suicide videos of her friends, she really feels what it’s like to be alone in a world where not everything revolves around a Facebook profile.

It’s cleverly worked throughout the structure of the movie and has been throughly thought out.

The audience never quite understands why Laura was chosen as for all intent and purposes she hasn’t done anything wrong, but it’s still intriguing to watch. It’s a nice slanted take on a tried and tested horror flick but there’s just enough to give it a ‘thumbs up’ emojo rather than a ‘love heart’ one.

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  • The story takes after Laura, a prominent young lady at school life’s identity’s presented via web-based networking media until one day she has a companion ask for from the school pariah. Said school outsider gets desirous when she isn’t welcome to the Laura’s birthday party, gets extremely frightening and stalkery and kills herself conjuring a revile on Laura and every last bit of her companions. Watch and download this movie here free download movies online.

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