Freddy Vs Jason Universal Studios Maze Review

Kory taking a stroll down Elm Street

Kory taking a stroll down Elm Street

Being based here in Los Angeles I often feel like this city is never ending with fun things to do. Every year though Universal Studios tends to be my favorite event of the year. Universal Studios becomes Halloween Horror Nights.

The park creates anywhere from 5-7 haunted house horror mazes a year for you to enter and try to escape. Every year they continue to get better and better. This takes place in both Hollywood and Orlando and it’s one hell of a killer time. Haunted attractions have taken over the nightlife and Universal really hit the nail on the head this year.

This year Universal made a very smart choice in sticking to the basics. This years concept was Titans of Terror and created mazes based on Horror legends such as Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. In addition they added The Exorcist maze, they up’d the body count in the Walking Dead maze, created an all new Terror Tram, and A maze for Universal’s own Horror movie Krampus!

Here we go… Check out this awesome walkthrough video from Sharp Productions below:


I may have been born only 3 months into the 90’s but I grew up on Freddy and Jason. When I was 13 I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to see the film. To this day it holds up and has become a huge phenomenon even as time passes. The maze is by far the funniest of them all. The maze operates in 3 stages. It starts out with a Freddy part then a Jason part and finally a Freddy VS Jason part. The maze copies scenes from the movie and at one point the walls shift and play tricks on you. There’s actually so much going on in this maze that you have to go through it 2-3 times like I did to get the full effect. The ending to the maze also has an alternate ending from the movie which I love. It also features a lot of human interaction with characters like Freddy’s victims or Jason’s mom.

Tomorrow I’ll be going into detail on the The Exorcist and the Halloween edition of The Walking Dead maze. Stay tuned.