First Day of Release for Award-winning Canadian Indie

The young filmmakers behind an award-winning Canadian independent film can breathe easy today, with their feature film ghost story officially premiered Online.

‘Truth’ tells the story of an estranged couple on a weekend that’s pushed further apart when the wife becomes romantically fascinated with the journal of the cabin’s long-dead former owner…and the owner appears to reciprocate her feelings.

In a period of transition and uncertainty for the traditional film industry model, producers J.S. Johnson, Michel Duran, and Chris Shalom looked to put a twist on the classic film premiere with YouTube.

‘Truth’ looks to put the fun – and the shivers – back into a night at the movies. With that in mind, the producers set out to design a unique premiere experience that balances the excitement of a communal screening with the easy accessibility of streaming video.

“With ‘Truth’ I wanted to make a sexy, adult-oriented horror fable, but that all came directly out of the great classic ghost stories of film,” says J.S. Johnson, who co-writes, co-produces, and directs. “By the same token, we wanted to show that there’s still a place for the classic film premiere, even as online content is becoming the norm, especially at the indie level.”

In addition to live YouTube comments, which allow audience members to react to the film as they first see it, the producers will set scheduled times during which they’ll join audience members in Google Hangouts to watch the film together over the internet – a live version of a DVD commentary during which viewers will be able to directly question, praise, or insult the people whose film they’re watching.

The indie Canadian team is already in post-production on a sci-fi film, and planning for their next project. “More blood,” says Johnson. “That’s all I can say for now.”

The film is a co-production between California Balloon Films and CMHL Enterprises.