Filming in Seattle

When people think of Seattle, many different things will come to mind. Most obviously, the iconic Space Needle that dominates the skylines of the city is what the majority will think of. It could be the less than stellar weather the city is famed for. Many still think of the explosion of grunge music in the 90s, the birthplace of which was Seattle.

No matter which, it is clear that the city evokes various thought and feelings from people. Many filmmakers have noted this unique city, and choose it for the setting of their movie. It is an interesting choice, and not one that many would have as their first pick for the setting of a movie, regardless many have succeed in telling a great story, in which the famous city is part of.

Sleepless in Seattle


Romantic comedies/dramas are not everyone’s idea of a great movie. Many are indeed infatuated with a great love story however, hence its everlasting appeal. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in a film about love, family and chance. So what does the setting of Seattle do for the film?

Well firstly, it’s used to establish the story, and with the use of alliteration in the title, we instantly get an idea of the theme-Romance. It is also used to drive the plot. Tom Hank’s character is a widower from Chicago who relocates with his son to the city, to start a fresh.
So we can conclude the city is used to represent the chance for change.

Literally because they have moved there and change where they live, but also as it sets up the story about finding love, and how that can essentially change you for the better.



This 1992 movie was directed by Seattle native Cameron Crowe, and whilst still being a romantic comedy, it offers a different type of romance. So again the city is used to establish young budding romance, with the grunge scene of the 90s used as the backdrop.

This is a more personal homage to the city and set in one of its most iconic times. It can’t be understated how popular grunge music became, and it all began in Seattle. With one of the characters being a member of an aspiring band who were – you guessed it, a grunge band.

Filmed all across the city, it even includes a scene at one of Seattle’s most famous sons – Jimi Hendrix. A city with such a rich and historic music scene throughout time, it works as the perfect backdrop for a film about young love looking to make it big. Seattle is well known for its grunge scene, and this film captures it better than any other.

Say Anything


If we can take anything from Say Anything and the other movies mentioned, it is that the city is a great setting for romance. Yet another romantic comedy, it just goes to prove the common ways in which Seattle can be depicted, and it seems for many, that the city is a great setting for love and romance.
The Ring


This 2002 remake of the Japanese original is one of the few horror movies with a setting in Seattle.  Naomi Watts starts as a journalist who works at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
The city serves a more unique purpose in this movie. With it being a horror film about a cursed video tape, we see a lot of action set from confides of houses and such. When her character is out and about in the city, it is there to give a sense of relief, from the on-going terrors.

A simple device used to show the contrast between being scared and helpless in the dark, to feeling safe and comfortable during the day, when we are around other people.

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