Film Inspired Game Titles


Gamer or not, there is no escaping how interconnected the cinematic and video gaming experiences are. Primarily the games tend to be inspired by films and not the other way around, though occasionally this can happen, as shown by Dead Space: Downfall, an animated horror fest based on the popular game franchise. However, while games can influence films, we have seen a dramatic increase in seeing concepts taken from popular films and embedded into game ideas. One of the easiest to recall is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This game is completely standalone in terms of story, and yet it perfectly slots into the fictional universe that the general public are aware of thanks to the likes of Han Solo and a certain Wookie named Chewbacca. A third person RPG, the title has it all and is huge in size considering that it was released by BioWare in 2013. What really made this game such an enjoyable one was the ability to be able to choose whether you’re good or evil, or as more recent BioWare fans might say, paragon or renegade. Now in 2016, after a Knights of the Old Republic II was released a third is now in the works from Bioware using the Unreal 4 engine.


As well as cult classics, a lot of games are being generated due to more contemporary examples, most commonly Game of Thrones. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t move without someone posting or sharing a GoT spoiler or meme, and as a result Telltale have produced an episodic title based on the television show.

What is so astonishing about these film inspired games is how different they are from one another. As mentioned, the Star Wars title is deeply complex and thorough, whereas the Game of Thrones video game, while detailed, isn’t as dynamic and heavily influenced by your choices. This in turn shows just how diverse the inspiration can be.

One brilliant example of this variation can be found in the casual gaming sector of the industry; although big console games are released on a regular basis, so too are a lot of slot machines and other casino based activities. And what is best of all is that, while the stories may not be as in-depth, they are still there to help fuel the entertainment along. LadyLucks, a brand they launched back in 2012, has an abundance of activities influenced by films and TV, most notably their Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt for Blackwood slot. Even though the game consists of reels and paylines rather than being story fuelled, it still follows the plot of the 2009 movie that starred Jude Law.

As you can see, films and games have a deep rooted relationship that helps both industries to continue growth and development. Furthermore, while some film inspired games can fall short, many more manage to hit the mark and keep fans happy, regardless of the medium you choose to play: console, PC or mobile. Just in case you’re curious about other games that fall into this category, here is a top ten list of some memorable films and their gaming counterparts.