Feeling Creepy?

CREEPS the new film by writer / actress Guinevere Turner who you may remember wrote the Christian Bale hit flick American Psycho !


You know that one friend, the one who offers you a drag of their cigarette when they know you quit a week ago? Stuffs their face with carbs in front of you when you are on the second day of a diet? Brings you a vial of your favorite “indiscretion” when they know you have to get up in the morning?  That’s Mona and Freddy. Both are each other’s worst enemies in a way that only best friends can be.

Creeps is a dark comedy that follows these two high-functioning addicts during a week-long struggle to take a break from drinking and drugs so that they can have great skin, find arm candy, and look devastatingly hot for a high profile art opening. Mona learns that her ex, an artist whose experience with Mona has led her to make work about sobriety, is having a big gallery show. Mona and Freddy must attend and must be fabulous. The film chronicles the highs and lows of Mona and Freddy’s week in this portrait of a sometimes hilarious, often destructive but never boring friendship.

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The film has had some great support thus far and with Guinevere’s extensive range of

celebrity contacts rest assured the campaign is in good hands and will reach a wide audience, perks include signed goodies and a date with the lady herself just to name a few. So hit that donate button and join a superb film fronted by a script writing legend !

Here is our interview with the lovely Guinevere herself as she discusses the campaign in detail –