Feast of Varanasi Review

The Feast of Varanasi centres around a spate of gruesome killings, where four young girls have been burned to death. Beyond the capabilities of the local police force, a CBI officer from New Delhi is sent to investigate. For officer Arjun Das (Adil Hussain, LIFE OF PI, THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST), it’s a return to his home and a city he left behind. What he discovers goes beyond anything he imagined and as ‘Holi’ the festival of colour approaches, the killer prepares to claim the greatest sacrifice of all and in doing so, attain liberation.

Filmed entirely on location in the ancient city of Varanasi in northern India, The Feast of Varanasi showcases beautiful scenary that captures the magic, heart and essence of the Indian landscape.

Feast of Veranasi

The film takes a stab (excuse the pun) at being something out of the ordinary boasting wonderful cinematography for an Independent feature and although somewhat slow in man places, the story weaves together quite nicely as time goes on but it does take quite some patience for it to finally start captivating my attention beyond the wonderful scenery.

A well directed and wonderfully compositioned musical score sets the vibrant tone of India’s essence in conjunction with the more sinister tones of the story at hand.

Something out of the ordinary struggling a fine line between a Thriller and an Art House flick, The Feast of Varanasi will not be everyone’s cup of tea but it was a nice relaxing film to watch for myself on a Sunday afternoon. for the visuals and cultural exploration alone.