Fear Clinic UK Release

Fear Clinic is now available to purchase in the UK, the movie that puzzled and confused me originally, intrigued and astounded me the second time of viewing and blew me away the third time, Fear Clinic is finally here!

It was a wonderful feeling walking into my local store and seeing a movie that I’ve worked on just sitting there on the shelves, close to two years of work culminated into this finished product of cerebral Horror at it’s finest.

Some reviews LOVE the movie some hate it, In all honestly the love, hate relationship was to be expected. Some people just don’t have the patience to really concentrate on a Horror me included when I first viewed the picture, it’s always the switch off your brain and enjoy genre stereotype. But as soon as you engage that brain, wow! The concept of fear and its portrayal is a wonderfully crafted display backed up with solid performances from all involved cast.

But all in all if the first installment goes smoothly, a sequel will be on the way. Here’s hoping.

Fear On!

Fear Clinic can be brought in the UK from ASDA, Sainsbury’s, HMV and other online UK outlets.