Fear Clinic the Movie enters Pre-Production


So over the last 3 weeks CEO Sean Evans has been in LA working on Pre Production for

the upcoming independent horror film Fear Clinic the Movie starring Robert Englund. The movie has officially started to prepare for the creation of the film with every department hard at work to make this vision come alive.

Fear Clinic has since set up a new campaign one of which Back to the Movies has been

working very closely with to raise over $8000 to go towards the SPFX budget of the film. The extra money will contribute towards making better effects and in turn create a better atmosphere and realism to the overall feel of the picture.

After 3 long weeks and long hours we are proud to announce that Fear Clinic has raised

over $8000 and they currently stand at $10,200 as we approach the final 24 hours of the

campaign, a great job from all of those involved and a very promising start to what looks to be a successful film.

After meeting with Robert Englund over drinks and quality Italian food I can safely announce that he is very much looking forward to reprising his role as Dr.Andover. A brief session of reciting lines from the movie and even certain actions that will be portrayed in the film sent a shiver of excitement across the room.

Keep your eyes peeled as we reveal more news in the weeks to come.

Fear On !