FEAR CLINIC Returns ! Be a part of a horror film this Halloween

As you guys know we worked very closely on Fear Clinic The Movie as they just narrowly 943327_154134324769579_307170692_nmissed out on a fully funded status, a new campaign has been launched to add a boost to the film and to really make it something special for the fans.

The film will set the bar for horror films out there and it’s a film that horror fans can be a part of ! By pledging various amounts backers can receive rare and exclusive perks for their contributions. The film stars none other than Robert Englund Mr.Freddy Krueger himself so this is one amazing film to be a part of this Halloween !

$5 gets all 5 episodes of the incredibly popular Fear Clinic Web Series which gives you a taster of what the film has in store !

Check out their campaign right here – http://igg.me/at/fearclinicmovie/x/1114483