Fear Clinic NYC Premiere Event Review – No Spoilers

Written by Michael Leavy of Fuzz on the Lens Productions.

Thursday, November 13th 2014 was the New York City “East Coast premiere screening” of “Fear Clinic” starring Robert Englund. Myself and my production company, “Fuzz on the Lens Productions”, along with our viral Staten Island Clown, were lucky enough to be able to represent the film along with director Robert Hall and actress Angelina Armani at the New York Horror Film Festival in Tribeca. First and foremost I want to thank the producers and my friends Aaron Drane and Mark Johnson for this wonderful and exciting opportunity …. What a night! What a film! What an experience!

Being an associate producer of the film and of course being on set for the shoots, it was great to see everyone’s hard work all come together, and in a magical way at that. The film is not your typical horror movie, it actually had a story that developed, and I believe everyone in the theater can tell you that. It was filled with amazing fresh ideas and wasn’t watered down with cheap scares.

The audience reactions and responses was encouraging for a film that has yet to be officially released to the public. They were scared when they were supposed to be scared, jumped when they were supposed to jump, and laughed when they were suppose to laugh. The entire theater stayed for our Q&A portion of the evening with director Robert Hall and Angelina Armani.fear clinic NYC Q&a

The topics that were discussed were “Fear Clinic” making the transition from a web-series to a feature film, Robert Hall’s SPFX background and shifting to directing and the challenges/opportunities that comes along with it, Angelina’s favorite moments that weren’t on screen, and of course, working with the legend that is Robert Englund.

This screening was more then a screening, we tried to make it an event. We wanted our audience to come out saying “Wow, what an experience that was”. This business, our business, is all about entertainment and if we can give them an entertaining film along with a great time pre/post viewing, then we have accomplished our goals. Prior to the screening we had trivia games that resulted in give-aways of autographed from cast members of the film and we also raffled off the box set of “Walking Dead” and other Anchor Bay goodies.

NYC Fear Clinic

The New York Horror Film festival itself, is an amazing event and was at a beautiful venue in Tribeca, this red carpet event was filled with lots of fun, good laughs, and great memories, and yes even our very own Staten Island Clown.

For me personally, I was very happy with the film and audience response. I was especially happy for everyone involved. This was a great experience for me and my production company. We made amazing relationships with everyone involved with this project that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to work with everyone again because they are all good genuine people, and when you work with those types of people you want to work with them again and again. We hope that the fear clinic stays open for business for many years to come. Fear On and of course Get Fuzzy!

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