Fear Clinic EXCLUSIVE Texas Frightmare Weekend report

Amanda Rebholz is heavily involved with Fear Clinic the Movie and has worked with Robert Hall at Almost Human for quite some time now. Amanda offered to give the fans a report of the recent Texas Frightmare Weekend visit and well here it is. Thank you so much to Amanda for going the extra mile for the fans and for providing us some amazing content to share !

Hey there, Amanda here! So those of you who follow us on social media might have seen some Fear Clinic stuff blowing up over the weekend as we all went to Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, Texas.

A 4hr queue formed at the Fear Clinic booth !

We arrived on Thursday night and spent the night just chilling and relaxing. Thomas has been very busy (he just performed in a one-off stage production of Reefer Madness in New York City and his new album Equals Zero just dropped on iTunes) and Rob has been slammed working on editing for the film, so it had been awhile since all of us just got to sit around and talk and catch up. We had a great time!

On Friday we got up and I hauled all of the swag down to the table. We had a primo spot right next to Terminator legend Linda Hamilton. We had wristbands, stickers, huge movie posters, smaller mini-posters with the new design on them for Fear Clinic fans as well as other items on display. As soon as the convention opened, we had fans lined up to meet Thomas and Rob and get their posters signed. People seemed very excited and most of them had already seen the trailer online and were stoked for the panel! The guys signed until the convention closed at 10 PM and then we headed to a Night of the Demons-themed party with fans. We had fun dancing and playing in the photo booth and having drinks with fans.

Corey meets a young slip knot fan

Corey meets a young slip knot fan

Saturday was a loooong day that started at 10 AM. Our lovely Corey Taylor had flown in to join us for the mayhem and everything went completely berserk with fans lined up for hours waiting to meet the guys. Corey was the first to arrive at the table and he entertained the line with jokes and singing, as well as taking over the microphone from the convention announcer and introducing the room to Rob and Thomas as they came in. From that point it was a whirlwind of autographs and photos— the line was over 4 hours long at one point with fans eager to meet our boys!

At 2 PM we headed down to the ballroom for our panel, which was in the biggest room and was filled to capacity within minutes. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties that caused delays with the footage we intended to screen. To make up for it, Thomas Dekker and Corey put on quite a show— Corey sang Elvis to the crowd and told jokes while Thomas danced and headbanged to the music playing over the PA. At one point, the engineers put on Rob Zombie and Corey and Thomas ran through the crowd throwing t-shirts and wristbands into a wildly-cheering audience. Total rockstar moment!
Fear Clinic Panel

Once we got the panel up and running (a bit late, but worth it!), it hit the ground running. The fans were treated to a spontaneous, hilarious panel that resulted in several exclusive announcements— one of them was that Rob Hall’s company is working on the next installment of the popular Laid to Rest franchise, which caused a loud cheer

Anyone who caught a T Shirt posed for a picture with the gang !

Anyone who caught a T Shirt posed for a picture with the gang !

and plenty of applause throughout the room. But the one that really drove the audience insane was when a song started playing over the PA and fans recognized Corey’s trademark vocals— Corey’s band Stone Sour recorded a cover of an old Metal Church song called “The Dark”, which will be a part of the upcoming Fear Clinic soundtrack. Fans were treated to a sizzle reel, a special ‘hello’ video recorded specially for them by Robert Englund, and two never-before-seen clips from the film, and after the panel the fans who caught t-shirts got to pose for a big group photo with Corey and Thomas.

We had so many amazing fans— we burned through almost a thousand posters on Saturday, the guys signing until they couldn’t hold a pen anymore. After the con closed, Thomas and I went with our very dear friends Cally and Garrett, who helped us at the table and were just kind of amazing in general, to the VIP party to meet with fans and then headed downstairs to the karaoke party. At the karaoke bash, Thomas treated fans to a surprise— he had the instrumental-only tracks to his upcoming album “Love and Razorblades” on his iPod and he asked the karaoke DJ to play one of them. He climbed onstage and performed “Superstitious”, a brand-new track that has never been played live before, and the audience loved it!

Sunday we sadly had to bid farewell to Corey, whose busy schedule always keeps him on the go, but it won’t be long before we cross paths again. After Corey jetted, we headed back down to the table to meet and greet fans. Many of them had been at the panel and were even more stoked for the film, begging us for info on the release and more details on the plot. We had a great time teasing them with little tidbits of info while the guys signed the posters and handed out swag.


Fear Clinic fans in full voice with Rob, Thomas and Corey

As the convention wound down we found ourselves exhausted and half-delirious from the whirlwind weekend but also really sad. The chaos and craziness was definitely part of what makes horror conventions so much fun and so exciting, and Texas Frightmare Weekend is by far one of the best horror conventions in the world. The promoters, Loyd and Sue Cryer, are great people who run an amazing show, and their staff of dedicated, wonderful volunteers and workers made the weekend smooth and enjoyable for all of us. We had a terrific time and we know that this was just a preview of things to come!

On behalf of Thomas Dekker, Corey Taylor and of course Robert Hall, as well as myself,

Rob Hall and Thomas Dekker at Texas Frightmare

Rob Hall and Thomas Dekker at Texas Frightmare

thank you so much to all of our fans for showing us support and love this weekend, for standing in line to see us and get your Fear Clinic swag, for cheering our panel and laughing at our jokes and hopefully enjoying our clips, and for telling others about the film. We loved meeting each and every one of you, and if you weren’t able to come out to Texas Frightmare Weekend, we know that you were there in spirit. Movies like Fear Clinic  aren’t media machines fueled by huge advertising campaigns— they’re built by dedicated, true, loyal fans, and Team Fear Clinic love our fans more than anyone else. We couldn’t do it without you guys. So keep Tweeting, keep reposting and sharing links to our trailer, keep ‘liking’ our statuses— and above all else, fear on!

XOXO always,
Amanda Rebholz
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