Fast & Furious 8 Review

 When elite cyber-hacker Cipher (Charlize Theron) blackmails Dominic Toretto (Diesel) into turning against his crew, it’s up to the gang to understand what is happening to their friend and save the world from the cyber terrorists rampage with help from an unlikely ally.

The movie starts out in Cuba where Dom and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are happily married and are enjoying the quiet life, somewhat. A customary car-race starts the movie as-well as the usual macho routine and Dom’s dedication to family. I’m pretty sure if you played a drinking game where anytime Vin Diesel said the word “Family” you’d take a shot, you’d be absolutely hammered.

Fast is such a hard movie to review as just when you think they’ve run out of idea’s they throw something so outrageous into the equation that you can’t help but enjoy the ride. Imagine getting into a car that has been stripped of air-bags, a seat-belt and a brake pedal and then slamming your foot on the gas and never letting go. That’s what Fast8 does to you. So much is happening that you only realise the storyline was ridiculous and unnecessary after you leave the cinema. You are literally on an adrenaline ride and that’s what is so perfect about the franchise. You are living the movie and seeing the movie in IMAX made me feel even more so a part of every car chase, every situation and along for every step of this unrelenting thrill ride.

Stars and cars galore as this movie features our old famous faces with Ludcaris (Tej) and Tyrese Gibson (Roman Pierce) providing the comedic relief, Dwayne Johnson proving the hulk strength and machismo that we all know and love, Nathalie Emmanuel providing the side-arc love interest of Tej and Roman. But aside from them we also have Jason Statham, Luke Evans, Scott Eastwood, Charlize Theron and even Helen Mirren added into the mix. I mean heck even Kurt Russell is back!

The best thing about the franchise is that with so many A-listers on board the movie never feels like a solo effort at any time, there’s always the notion that the action scenes are purposely over-done, over-exaggerated to almost distract you away from the star-power the movie has. A distraction to deter you away from thinking it’s the Vin Diesel show or the Dwayne Johnson smack-down.

Fast 8 is just incredible but the stand-out scenes speak for themselves. A submarine chase through Russia, a New York scene that has cars literally raining from the sky and an airplane showdown with Jason Statham kicking ass whilst holding a baby. That in itself is a fantastic scene and finally there’s a US movie that brings out Statham’s comedic chops whilst also portraying his usual badass self.

A great movie if the ending is so cheesy it could have easily been poured on my complimentary nachos.

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