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As 2012 draws to a close we are giving this one last shot !  Our Facebook page has had some great support considering the little amount of time it has been online, but as 2013 approaches we really need your support with all the “likes” humanly possible. Spread the link to friends, if they love movies give it a “Like” … why not. We really appreciate the amazing support we’ve had so far and with more support we can bring you bigger names and even more independent content.facebook-logo

Our page has become so popular due to the nature of our work, we not only promote independent film makers who struggle to get their work out there to a wider audience but we provide intimate interviews with big stars, how often do you watch an interview in a set up studio that can be edited and cut as often as the TV show decide. We provide LIVE  non edited raw footage from celebrity’s phones or personal laptops in their homes or anywhere around the world they may be at the time.  These more personal interviews stand out and we’re hoping that 2013 will bring more and more celebrity’s onto our page.

Please give us a “Like” and HAPPY NEW YEAR from everyone here at Back to the Movies


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