Extreme Rules 2015 Thoughts

The first event after WrestleMania is always a big one. The WWE landscape looks totally different, with a new champion and new stakes for WWE’s top Superstars!

Extreme Rules is also the one show each year when WWE throws the rulebook out of the window completely, coming up with a whole host of inventive (but no less brutal) ways for the Superstars to prove their superiority and put grudges to rest – and they never disappoint in delivering high-octane, hard-hitting action!


Among the top matches from this event, Seth Rollins defends his WWE Championship against ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton in a blistering steel cage match, while John Cena proves once again why he’s this generation’s top Superstar, battling the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev in a devastating chain match. Elsewhere, Roman Reigns has to overcome the giant roadblock that is The Big Show in his journey back to the top of WWE!

What bothers me most about that totally untrue Press Release is that these matches have been forced down our throats time and time again to the point where we’ve seen the match-ups around 6 or 7 times in a row over various events, including a Live in the UK tour that I attended personally. So watching Extreme Rules bored the living daylights out of me as I’d seen it all before bar the Russian Chain match which turned out to be a tug of war rather than a wrestling match.


An awful PPV that should fire warning signs to the WWE to re-assess their line-ups and shake it up a bit, quite frankly the poorest PPV I’ve seen all year which included an embarrassing street fight match between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper that leads to a car being driven out of the stadium to return with the drivers swapped around.. hmm… quite frankly a poor display, onto Payback!