Exit Chip

Edward wants to leave everything behind, without leaving anyone behind

Exit Chip is a love story, but one which transcends the genre, and offers the audience something truly unique, confronting society’s stigmatism towards depression, and the conventional ideas of what it means to be happy.

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The Exit Chip team have already secured some incredible cast and crew members, including:

  • The talented actress Jane Booker (Finding Neverland; Midsomer Murders; Jonathan Creek).
  • Bhasker Patel (Emmerdale; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) is also onboard.
  • James Blann, the Director of Photography behind the short film Notes on Blindness, which made the official selection for Sundance 2014 and SxSW 2014.
  • Phil Hignett, the editor behind adverts for Samsung, EE, and Heineken.

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