Evil Dead TV Series

Some great news coming out of the EDAshrecent San Diego Comic-Con is that Sam Raimi and brother Ivan are working on bringing their wonderfully mischievous cult classic Evil Dead to a TV screen near you. And even better, going on the tweet below, series icon Bruce Campbell looks set to reprise his role as the ever unfortunate Ash Williams.

There are no plot details as yet, but speculation was rife after last year’s remake/reboot featured a post-credit scene of Campbell staring into the camera and giving us Ash’s classic “groovy” catchphrase. Many fans predicted a crossover between Mia (heroine of the remake) and Ash, while others simply hoped for Raimi to announce Army of Darkness 2.


But with no news on either coming to fruition anytime soon, this new announcement will be music to the ears of Evil Dead fans around the globe.

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