Essex Boys: The Truth Review

01-127103Essex Boys: The Truth looks to dispel the speculation behind the grisly land rover murders carried out in 1995 on a cold winters night in Rettondon, Essex.

The true events have inspired a series of spinoffs, films and exploitations of the events and still brings in a wide attention of people looking for answers of what actually happened on that fateful night. This film looks to lay the ghouls to rest with true accounts, stories and evidence that answer years of unanswered questions.

The documentary style film starts off very edgy, very nervy almost as it looks to address the matters at hand but steadily grows into a very televised style documentary that comes into it’s own and backs itself up with many real life true accounts and key witnesses who are willingly allowing themselves to be filmed for the sake of this movie.


The movie is narrated by Bernard O’Mahoney, the author of the original novel that was adapted into a film adaptation starring Sean Bean and Tom Wilkinson. As one of the founding members of the notorious Essex Boys firm, Bernard leads us down this documented path to reveal the truth, gisly images, in depth events and incredible back story keeps you hooked and interested from start to finish to find out the truth once and for all. Although slow in places the film does a wonderful job of educating even the most unaware viewer, sometimes so much is going on that it slightly deviates from the key matter at hand.


Although Bernards narration skills are a lot to be desired it still gives the documentary a very raw and true to life account that paints a very gritty picture.

Finally putting an end to years of speculation, Essex Boys – The Truth finally lays to bed one of the most horrific stories in UK gangland history.