Essential Designer Tools to Create Magic

Designers are very busy people, creating ideas, creating visuals and bringing an imagination to life, whether it’s concept art for a film or a Out of the ordinary stream of content that BTTM provides we have taken segments out of a comprehensive list of the best software, apps, tools, skills, websites that no designer can live without. We have just picked out Hardware in this segment, just to give you a helping hand on this Monday morning.


iMac or MacBook

I wouldn’t be able to live without my Macbook, oh my.. it’s sleek design, it’s cute little illuminated apple and it’s snazzy user interface. It really is a designer / creatives bread and butter.

If you’re travelling, working from home, or just editing a few family photos, you really cannot go wrong with an iMac or Macbook

DSLR Camera

Having a good DSLR camera on hand is always a worthwhile addition to easily document ideas and capture images for textures, backgrounds and more

One of the most widely used cameras would be the Canon EOS 1200D, It’s cheap, cheerful and can take quality 18mp images.


With all this tech available, you can’t beat an old fashioned pen and paper, so why not try it in style with a decent sketchbook from Moleskine.

I feel as thou I’m a hardware guy, so that is where my favorite designing hardware list ends, I feel as thou the above ideas are flexible not just for designers but for a variety of job roles.

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