Emma Stone in talks to play Cruella de Vil

Emma Stone

According to the Hollywood Reporter Emma Stones is in early talks with Disney to play Cruelle de Vil in the upcoming live action re-imagining of the 101 Dalmatians character.

De Vil was the villain in the story who wanted to capture all of the dalmatians and turn them into fluffy fur coats.

We however can’t see how the innocent Emma Stone could pull this off as she’s usually typecast into the very ‘girl next door’ innocent role, but it would be nice to see her dark-side (Star Wars call-up maybe? Maybe not).

The wonderful guys over at SG Posters even did a mock up design as to what Emma would look like in the role, and we must say, she looks incredible!

(c) of sg-posters.com

Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil (c) of sg-posters.com