Elstree 1976 Review


Elstree 1976 tracks down some minor actors who appeared in the original ‘Star Wars’ movie, from Darth Vader to tiny background roles, filling in their life stories both before and after their close encounter with George Lucas and his multi-billion-dollar blockbuster franchise. This unique and affectionate documentary will be available in the UK & Ireland to rent and buy on Colony. 

Elstree 1976 focuses on the lesser known actors who portrayed characters in the Star Wars Universe, this unique glimpse shows how ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds went for a casting call one day and never looked back since. From touring conventions signing autographs for millions of fans to constant income from the Star Wars universe, this documentary portrays the casting call kids that got very, very lucky and just so happened to be a part of one of the biggest films our our generation.

Whilst the documentary gives us some deep and extended interviews, these do tend to drag on for a 1 hour 44 minute run-time. That’s quite the endurance test to listen to people talking for that amount of time. But whilst the topic at hand is incredibly interesting it would have been nice to have the run-time cut down somewhat. These are people who played iconic characters, not icons themselves (although some do come across rather high and mighty).

Amongst a group of humble interviewees there were a few ego’s in there which is beggers belief. The whole ‘I was in the background in Star Wars’ line isn’t exactly an Oscar nod but all the same, once you look beyond the odd ego in this documentary. It’s quite a solid watch.