eBay.co.uk Reveals The UK’s Favourite Movie Remakes

Alice in Wonderland

In the month that Ghostbusters, Tarzan and BFG make a comeback, eBay.co.uk has taken a look at other films which have had a twenty-first century makeover, and discovered that it’s Alice in Wonderland who tops the remake ranking, selling more than 70,000 items in the last three months, that’s nearly one per minute.

Spiderman, which is set to be remade for the third time in 2017, makes it into second place, selling more than 650 items every day – with action figures, costumes, and even a web-shooter currently listed on site. Hitting the screens for the first time in 1950, Cinderella sweeps into third place, with nearly 40,000 items sold in the last three months, while Peter Pan flies in from Neverland to take fourth place selling 11 products per hour, with current listings including a rare Disney studio proof which could be yours for just over £7,500.

Much anticipated Tarzan, which has recently been released in cinemas, doesn’t even make it into the top five, selling just one product every hour compared to Ghostbusters which is selling seven times as many in the same time period.
eBay.co.uk’s movie remake ranking:
1.       Alice in Wonderland
2.       Spiderman
3.       Cinderella
4.       Peter Pan
5.       Ghostbusters

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