Dwayne Johnson Named Highest Paid Actor


$64.5 million can get you quite a few things in today’s market. A haul of designer goodies, Bugatti Veyrons, a few houses in Beverley Hills and we’re sure Dwayne Johnson will spend it wisely as that is just how much he has made in the past year.

The former WWE star took to Instagram following the Forbes announcement and posted the following:

“Receiving news like this will always serve as my anchoring reminder to continue to work even harder,” said The Rock on his Instagram following the announcement. “We not only want to ’embrace the grind’, but take the grind to new levels. I learned a few invaluable lessons a long time ago that can help all of you guys out there succeed at whatever it is you’re doing. Greatness is never achieved alone. Surround yourself with hungry, brilliant individuals who not only buy into your philosophy, but who are all willing to work just as hard as you. Power of teamwork. And don’t ever forget where you came from. I was evicted at 14yrs old and completely broke by 23. Every day I wake up as if that eviction notice is right around the corner waiting for me.. which is why I always say, “the wolf is always scratchin’ at the door”. He’s scratchin’ cause he’s hungry and never satisfied. We embrace and respect our past (even if it was f*cked up), but we never let it define our future. Let’s stay hungry and chase that greatness. I will now jump in my pick up truck, go to work and figure out whether or not I need psychiatric therapy for this damn wolf that’s become my best friend.”

I love the rock but it’s hard to not read that and slightly hate him in a rage of jealously only for it to fade away and appreciate that he’s still as down to earth as he ever was. With Baywatch, San Andreas 2, Fast & Furious 8, Rampage, Jumanji, Skyscraper, Doc Savage, Moana and Shazam on the way, Dwayne won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

If you smelllllllll what the Rock is cooking!