Dumb and Dumber To Review

Dumb and Dumber to

Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are back again as Harry and Lloyd and my oh my how we wish they hadn’t bothered.

Jeff and Jim installed comedic history with the first instalment of Dumb and Dumber but how can you top a timeless classic? Well the simple matter is, you can’t.

The story revolves around the fact that Harry is in need of a kidney transplant and they discover that he may of fathered a child, the road trip begins searching for Daniels’ daughter where the kidney Harry is searching for seems to be more important than his reconciliation with his long lost daughter. 

With Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels committed to the cause this film is a barrage of repeated jokes and far out crude comedy that struggles to get the laughs. The forced comedy, the played time and time again jokes and suddenly this film looks to be so bad that its destroying the original right before my eyes and Harry and Lloyd are well.. past their sell by dates for these characters.

There are some glimpses of Farrelly brothers gold, but only glimpses, there are a few memorable scenes that instantly take you back to what made the original so special but with countless films mimicking the original comedy that this hilarious duo installed on us all those years ago it just falls a little flat and repeated. The only thing that keeps the movie going is the nolstagia of seeing Jim and Jeff back on screen together so you cast your mind back to the good times and completely ignore everything that is currently unravelling the magic of the original on screen before you.

Jokes are wedged into the loosely based plot, and quite frankly whoever wrote the script may be the real Dumb and the person who put the film onto the big screen may be the real  Dumber.

As Kirk Lazurus once said in Tropic Thunder, you never go full retard. Dumb and Dumber went full retard and what a shame this was. I’m just so thankful we have the original and I really hope and pray Jim and Jeff move on to better things as we all know in our hearts they are much much better than this.

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