Don’t Die! Horror card game launches Kickstarter

Don't Die Kickstarter


Like some sick twisted Saw torture porn for stickmen comes Don’t Die! A fast-paced, hazardous-to-your-life card game where you try not to die. At least, not as much as everyone else.

Between October 10th and November 7th, people will be able to back Don’t Die! on Kickstarter and get the game, a Kickstarter exclusive expansion, and even help build the game by designing a card, or funding variant artwork! Aside from any extras that may be added on as a result of the crowdfunding campaign.


Don’t Die! is already finished and simply needs an audience to play it! With the funds raised, creators Patrick James and Alex Williams, will print and ship backer copies of the game, as well as take Don’t Die! on the road to gaming conventions throughout the next year.

Will Don’t Die compete on the same level as Exploding Kittens? Only time will tell!

You can check out their campaign right HERE