Donald Trump tops polls… for most likely celebrity to be possessed



Ahead of the release of The Exorcist on SyFy this Wednesday 19th October, SyFy have commissioned some research into the scariest movies ever made, the celebrity people would like to speak to beyond the grave, and who the most possessed celebrity is, amongst other questions. The most possessed celebrity has of course come out as Donald Trump!

Donald Trump is 3x ahead in opinion polls… as the most likely person to be possessed!

·      Princess Diana is the person people would most like to speak to beyond the grave

·      The EXORCIST is the scariest movie EVER made

·      Almost half of the population believe in paranormal activity

·      A third of people who’ve messed with a Ouija board have experienced some sort of paranormal activity 

·      A quarter are afraid of the dark

·      13% have been demonised or know someone that has

To celebrate the launch of the new TV series THE EXORCIST on Wednesday 19th October at 9pm on SyFy; a new survey reveals that Donald Trump leaped ahead in the opinion polls and was voted the most likely person to be possessed (22%), 3x times more likely than his nearest rival Kanye West (6%). Next up was the rather peculiar Lady Gaga (4%), the recently divorced Johnny Depp, Manc mad-man Liam Gallagher and Simon Cowell who’s actually had his house in Kingston Hill exorcised. 

It has also been revealed that THE EXORCIST is officially THE scariest film EVER made (24%), followed by The Shining (8.5%), then Silence of the Lambs (7%), The Blair Witch Project (6.5%) and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (6%). 

Out of everyone who’s played with a Ouija board, a third (33%) of people have experienced paranormal activity of some kind, either during or after taking part in a séance. 

THE EXORCIST premieres on the Syfy on Wednesday 19th October at 9pm.