Doctor Strange (2016) Review: Game-Like Magical Rise of the Main Character


Marvel Cinematic Universe expands, bringing a new character to our attention. A talented neurosurgeon Stephen Strange has to put aside his rich egoistic self and take up mystic arts to heal his hands. The story then opens hidden dangers Strange needs to fight against, saying “goodbye” to his career.

Just like in one of the games based on Marvel comics, which are highly popular on almost any website connected with gaming. A hero is broken down physically and mentally, and he has to build his way up by tough learning and training. This kind of Marvel-inspired games is even available on casino gaming websites like M88 Online Games. There you can become Dr. Strange for a while and win a great deal of money for your ingenuity and fortune.

Doctor Strange

The story of a game-like broken down hero continues in the film until the character finally puts aside his ego and starts learning from the very beginning. Although he doesn’t want that, he needs to fight a dangerous villain who once was a ‘student’ just like Strange. He has two artifacts with him to enhance his power and help him stop the end of the world as we know it.

The fact that the beginner manages to fight and defeat one of the most dangerous villains seems weird, but it’s important to pay attention to the details. Strange has a photographic memory which helps him in learning; he’s also incredibly smart and reads huge books in one go; two powerful artifacts were to help him; and finally, his ingenuity was the deciding factor at the end.

This isn’t the first film about Dr. Strange – the first one was released in 1978 – but it’s the first one within MCU. The CGI in the movie is incredibly breathtaking if you are watching it in 3D. Cities are broken apart and put together, folded and unfolded – just like in the Inception movie, but even more powerfully.

MCU hits us with great visual, funny jokes, interesting characters, and a good hint on two other movies that are to come out in the near future: Thor: Ragnarok and (probably) Doctor Strange 2. There are also lots of easter eggs for Marvel fans, so the film is worth watching several times.