Disreputable Cinematic Garbage. Mom and Dad Review

mom and dad review

Mom and Dad is disreputable cinematic garbage, made with solid visual flair, an ear for blunt-but-funny satire, and blood-lust that runs wild for roughly 65 minutes after 20 minutes of set-up. The hook is at once grotesque and inspired – one day, without warning and with no explanation, every parent on Earth decides that they MUST kill their children. It’s a zombie-movie scenario without the walking dead, and writer/director Brian Taylor (one half of the Crank/Crank 2 duo) runs amok with his profane and silly-smart genre thrills, up until the very last moment where it becomes obvious that there was likely no truly satisfying way to end a movie that has been built upon this particular premise.

mom and dad review

Nicolas Cage is in full-on-gonzo mode here, ranting and raving like a lunatic, trying to murder his children, while his wife, coolly played by ice-queen Selma Blair, gets to dig her murderous hooks in, too. Daniel Pearl’s slick and gritty cinematography keeps things looking sharp all throughout, and it’s always amusing to see Tony Scott’s hyper-active shooting/editing techniques still being cribbed from. This is work that carries absolutely no redeeming social value, and my guess is that’s exactly what Taylor was gunning for.

Review by Nick Clement

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