Disney Planning to Ruin Star Wars Until 2030

Disney have revealed that they’re planning enough new Star Wars  movies to last at least the next 15 years which is great news if any of them were any good.

I’m a small minority that gets annoyed each time a new Star Wars movie is released because the magic of the classics dries up with every remake, sequel or alternative timeline story.

I mean come on you only have to look at the cast of the spin-off Han Solo story to know it’s going to be a pile of wookie shit.

Planning Star Wars films until 2030 shows the lack of imagination that the studio has to branch out and do something new and unique. Adding to the world’s biggest franchise brings in easy money, every time so in terms of their business sense it’s always going to pay off, but in terms of story, heart and genuine care and passion about Star Wars as a franchise it really is a kick in the teeth in many ways.

I do look forward in hope that a decent Star Wars movie comes out of this planned slate as the taste in my mouth may be a little sweeter as a result.