Dino Fever


With Jurassic World right around the corner, it’s no surprise that dinosaur fever is at the highest it has been in years.

For those who don’t remember the 1993 classic adventure film, or those who were too young to watch it and are now wondering what all the fuss is about, this article will bring you up to speed so that you’ll be Jurassic-ready when the newest addition to the franchise hits theatres next month.

Jurassic Park is a science fiction movie, directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the hugely popular book by Michael Crichton. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, you probably know that the movie is about dinosaurs. Specifically, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor are featured in what might as well be starring roles.

The movie takes place in Jurassic Park, a theme park populated with cloned dinosaurs in the Pacific. And if that isn’t a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is.

The cultural impact of Jurassic Park is hard to describe, because it so hugely varied. From an actual theme park built in Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, to the American Film Institute naming the movie the 35th most thrilling film of all time, and a fourth sequel being released 22 years later, it’s clear that Jurassic Park isn’t going anywhere.

And in the gaming world, Jurassic is a massive phenomenon. With multiple games rolled out for every movie release, and games available on every platform from NES and Gameboy, through Xbox and Playstation, to Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore, it’s easy to see that dinos make for great gaming. In online gaming, too, you can find a variety of Jurassic-themed fare. Facebook games and online casino games, including slots for the UK players, are as big as ever.

Additionally, many of today’s big names in movie-making have been inspired by the Jurassic films. For example, Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame, was inspired to return to the fantasy films that he loved in his youth. George Lucas and Stanley Kubrick are two more renowned filmmakers who were influenced by Jurassic.

So in honour of the new sequel coming out, make sure to check out the hugely influential classic – Jurassic Park.