Deliver us from Evil Review

Deliver Us from Evil directed by Scott Derrickson is based on a non-fiction book entitled Beware the Night by Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool. The story claims to be inspired by true events but Deliver us From Evil showcases a new original story that was never featured in the book.

The movie tells the story of a New York cop (Eric Bana) who is assigned to a Special Operations division that handles some of the more disturbing crimes that take place in the Bronx.

As both Ralph Sarchie (Bana) and his partner Butler (Joel McHale) start investigating these crimes they realise that they’re all linked in some way. As the cases start to become more and more unexplainable, they consider something satanical might be at work in the city and seek the help of a Castilian priest.

Deliver us from Evil attempts to create a balance between being a true crime movie and a paranormal thriller. The movie chooses to abandon the common elements of conventional Horror and decides to bring the audience into the movie with an intriguing storyline and gripping moments of tension.


For those who want a jump scare classic Horror movie you will be slightly disappointed as Deliver us from Evil takes a more mature road in getting the best of its storyline, character performances and well thought out plot progression.

Bana starts out as the non believer and his whole character attribute is flipped on its head as the story progresses and he dwells into a force that even he cannot understand. Bana portrays this role with careful ease, not one of Bana’s more challenging roles but Ralph’s character has many layers, all of which are peeled away stage by stage as the priest uncovers Ralph’s hidden past.

It’s great to see such an evolution of character especially in what was marketed as a Horror movie, it shies away from the typecast and shows us that not only is Ralph dealing with demonic possession around him, but he is also dealing with his own personal demons and I love how this dimension is added with such fluidity into the story.

A great watch and for those of you who are more Horror movie devoted, a certain exorcism scene will not disappoint. A captivating spectacle which drove home some of the films darker tones and provided a perfect ending to an enjoyable movie.

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