Deepwater Horizon Review


What director Peter Berg managed to achieve here was a solid 97 minutes that delivered on so many levels.

The movie starts out simply enough with Mark Wahlberg and his family. They seem normal enough. They seem happy. Gina Rodriquez plays a person up the ladder on Deepwater and she plays the tough chick role. Sadly only those two characters get much of a real introduction and we meet up with the crew of Deepwater Horizon. Personally, many of my favorite actors like Ethan Suplee and Dylan O’Brien that usually go unnoticed really get a chance to shine here. So once everyone is quickly intoduced(much to my delight) we get our villain and let me tell you something John Malcovich is spot on whenever he plays a creepy asshole and nails it here once again. Kurt Russell is the captain I guess you’d say but when BP is on board he’s torn with going against his gut(that the rig could blow) and the desire to please BP. We’re only 30 minutes into this basically 90 minute movie when pop goes the weasel.


BP forced Russell’s hand and the rig is going down and fast. Sure, I would have liked a bit more intro to a couple characters but you can’t complain when a movie like this takes over an hour to set up and here we go 30 minutes in. Kate Hudson has 95% of her screen time looking confused and waltzing around in her undies. That was the only mid cast I can think of. I only point this out because everyone is so good.

When it goes down it doesn’t disappoint. Even as the action races we get some development about Dylan and Gina. I’ve never felt an action movie feel so claustrophobic and real. Much like Magnificent 7 this movie is pretty hardcore for a pg-13. In real life men were hit with metal shrapnel that the heat cooked into their bodies. I’m kinda glad I didn’t have to sit through that in the film. Every time a character made it out of one room there was something waiting for them in the next. The characters worked well together so did the actors. There’s an abundant amount of CGI but it’s really good and blends well with whatever practical set they were using.


All in all to me the movie was just fantastic. I feel like the way they showed it would be the way it really happens. The action is top notch. The performances were top notch. The final thing about the movie is it had me getting the feels a bit. Pulling some heart strings. That never happens to me on action films although when I was 8 I cried at Armageddon. Now go see this film if you like action film. This is me giving you good vibrations to see it.

Review by Kory Davis (@moviedude18)