Deadpool signs Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is confirmed for ‘Deadpool’

Not so long ago, the internet was treated to a hilarious test run of what seemed to be a Deadpool movie. At first I was expecting it to be fan-made, but the after watching it that couldn’t have been possible. It was perfection, and hopefully it will continue to be like that.

Ryan reynolds has been on the Deadpool radar for a number of years and has also stated in the past that he would never turn down a chance to play as him.

Now don’t worry, I know Green Lantern wasn’t brilliant, but Reynolds is the perfect person to play as “the merc with a mouth”, as he did in another superhero film flop X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but I really liked Reynold’s in that.

This news isn’t fresh as it has been lingering for years, but it’s great to see it being officially announced, accompanying the comic and his video game for those who want some fun in their lives.

As the Deadpool film has had trouble with production since as early as 2008, it was heartwarming to finally see something from it.

The movie has had all sorts of events happen during the long duration of it’s role in the X-Men series, with rating changes and funding problems, but Tim Miller will be steering Deadpool in the right direction, straight at the heart of 2016.

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