Deadpool Morphsuit Review

Sean Evans - Deadpool

He’s a mercenary, a master of weapons with a twisted sense of humour, if he sounds up your strasse then get yourself a Deluxe Deadpool Morphsuit.

The Deadpool Morphsuit is the latest in their range of Marvel themed suits and we were proud to be sent this costume to review, the deluxe costume comes with an interactive app belt and new zapper technology.

Zapper technology I hear you say, yes, Zapper technology is basically a QR code that is implemented into the suit to give your costume more interactivity when using a mobile device. The costume also has a utility belt pocket to put your smartphone into that turns your belt into an interactive visual display. A download of the Morphsuits app is needed for this feature.

The Morphsuit is made from a special blend of materials and the costume is very comfy to wear and easy to see through and even to drink through, ideal for parties and nights out. The only downside however is there is no trouser zip, meaning trips to the bathroom will be a fun and painfully long experience.

I was sent a Medium Mens size which is usually my regular clothes size but it seems as thou Morphsuits run slightly small so I actually needed a Large size, I did question this fact when putting on the suit to suddenly realized that any future hope of me having children had now well and truly vanished.

For those who want to party Deadpool style then I’d fully recommend the Deadpool Morphsuit but would advise a cup or jockstrap to cover up that modesty!