David Hasselhoff’s Days Are Numbered In Killing Hasselhoff

Killing Hasselhoff

The first trailer has been released for the upcoming comedy movie Killing Hasselhoff.

Starring Ken Jeong who plays a struggling nightclub owner who ends up in hot water with a loan shark. The only way he can clear his debs is to bump off his celebrity of choice in the annual celebrity death pool.

What results is a determined mission to assassinate America’s greatest board shorts wearing lifeguard. The movie also stars Rhys Darby and Jim Jefferies.

The trailer reminds me of Ken’s character Mr.Chow in The Hangover. The same crazyness, the same zest for life and the same oblivious regard to sense and sensibility.

Cameos include Kid Cudi, Mel B, Gena Lee Nolin who appeared in the original Baywatch and Justin Bieber as the voice of car Kitt. You only need to watch the trailer to know that this movie will never take itself seriously. So get that stick outta your ass, lie back and just enjoy the crazyness.

Killing Hasselhoff will be out on digital download from September 18 and it looks batshit crazy fun!

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