David Ayer Shrugs Off Suicide Squad Negative Reviews

(C) Warner Bros

(C) Warner Bros

David Ayer the director of Suicide squad is sounding pretty optimistic after his film was obliterated by the majority of critics this week. We are yet to see the movie but taking to Twitter David said   he “made it for the fans”.

“I love the movie and believe in it, it was the best experience of my life”.

Whilst the critics have panned it’s poor story telling, most of the character driven nature of the movie has actually been praised. It seems as thou only a handful of critics actually liked the movie, especially Empire who quoted that “Suicide Squad gives new life to DC’s big-screen universe,”.

As we all know critic reviews usually mean jack (yes even ours) when it comes to the die-hard fans out there. But could Suicide Squad hit those same die hard fans who trashed Batman V Superman? David Ayers apologised for his outburst of “Fuck Marvel!” at the Suicide Squad premiere, but with two potential flops (In terms of their reviews not Box Office success)  in a row for DC, it could be a “Fuck DC!” all round come release date.