Damn Sea Vampires

Swooping in on DVD October 13th  1141f9d7-8c93-4ff6-8a7f-ce7dd1892ecf
Great White Sharks no longer seem so terrifying compared with the blood-thirsty creatures that lurk in the darkest depths of the ocean in the thrilling movie event DAMN SEA VAMPIRES, available on DVD October 13th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Donna, (Cassie Scerbo, Sharknado) and Joe (Jonathan Lipnicki, Jerry Maguire) are Bering Sea treasure hunters who join forces with marine biologist Megan (Jacqueline Fleming, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and her dedicated deckhand Owen (Brandon Beemer, TV’s Bold and The Beautiful, Days of Our Lives) to obliterate the blood-sucking sea beasts that killed their father, before they can strike again.

DAMN SEA VAMPIRES is directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy, (cinematographer, Jeepers Creepers II) who collaborated with screenwriter Brook Durham (Mammoth, Red: Werewolf Hunter).

Dive into the depths of unspeakable terror as Sharknado’s Cassie Scerbo comes face to fin with a swarm of bloodsucking sea monsters in this suspense-drenched chiller co-starring Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire), Brandon Beemer (TV’s “The Bold and the Beautiful”) and Kevin Dobson (TV’s “Knots Landing”). While dredging for gold beneath the Bering Sea, siblings Donna (Scerbo) and Joe (Lipnicki) are confronted by a horde of horrific sea vampires. When their father (Dobson) falls victim to the insatiable creatures, Donna and Joe join forces with a dedicated marine biologist (Jacqueline Fleming, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and a loyal deckhand (Beemer) to kill or be killed by the beasts.

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