Daddy’s Home Review


The Other Guys team of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell team up once more for Daddy’s Home, a movie about a step dad who is upstaged as soon as the kids estranged cool dad comes to town.


Daddy’s Home is a movie I personally enjoyed to a degree, but I’m easily pleased the moment Will Ferrell takes on any new comedy project, the only problem I had with this movie is that it was too inconsistent, almost dividing itself between a comedy and a sentimental story and it can never strike that right balance, constantly going from left to right on it’s indecisive see-saw.

The movie takes pride in pitting Wahlberg against Ferrell and these moments strike up the best comedy moments, from skateboarding competitions to strange visits to a fertility clinic.


Daddy’s home is by no means Ferrell’s best work but if you have a laid back sense of humor then when the laughs do eventually arrive in their few and far between appearances, it gives you just a taste of what this movie could of been if the right people behind the camera had taken the helm.