Curb Your Enthusiasm back on HBO!

It was SO refreshing to have Curb Your Enthusiasm back on HBO. I fucking LOVE this show. The season has just recently concluded (I could have gone for twice as many episodes but that’s just my personal greed factor kicking in) and once again, Larry David has no shame, and could give a fuck about what anyone thinks about his brand of defiantly un-PC humor. We’re living in some really interesting times at the moment, with SO MANY people becoming too easily offended over stuff that should be eliciting humor, and not anger. I love how NOBODY is safe in the world of Larry David – he hates everyone equally, including himself, and loves to point out everyone’s inadequacies and failings and obliviousness while dwelling on themes of self-importance, Hollywood satire, personal humiliation, and the degradation of social norms. All of the guest stars this season were clearly having a blast (Elizabeth Banks, Elizabeth Perkins, and Lauren Graham most especially), the entire Fatwa! The Musical subplot was genius, outfit tracking is hilarious, and the visual style was noticeably a bit different this time around, with more camera creativity than we’ve seen in previous years. I really hope that this show returns sooner than later as I find it screamingly funny, and at times, too funny to actually even laugh out loud.

Article by Nick Clement

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