Cruise (Not Tom) The Movie!

cruise movie poster

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We’ve all dreamed of that adventure lifestyle, that sun-seeking thrill-seeking lifestyle. If life were like a series of movies, a cruise holiday would certainly fit snugly into that luxurious travelling style. The guys over at Jetline Cruise have taken this one step further. They have decided to go on a filmic vision and designed two movie posters for Cruise: The Movie. Don’t worry it’s not a Tom Cruise biopic.

From the Pacific to the Mediterranean the movie wouldn’t be short of exotic filming locations. Think of the movie Boat Trip but on a family orientated level rather than a gay cruise as depicted in the Cuba Gooding comedy.

cruise movie poster

There would surely be romance involved as well, not just in terms of the deep blue sea’s picturesque allure but perhaps on a person to person basis too! You never know who you might meet while aboard a cruise, and the romantic setting is bound to play a role. There’s a reason why so many couples choose a cruise for their time away, and what better place is there to cherish all that you share together than in the world’s most sought-after destinations?

Which movie poster is your favourite?

Would you come aboard on Cruise: The Movie?

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