Crispy’s Curse Gets It’s First Trailer

Crispy's Curse

John Williams a local film-maker who created the Indie Horror The Slayers is back again with his latest project titled Crispy’s Curse.

Crispy’s Curse is a horror/Slasher/Comedy film that follows the murderous habits of a charming and mesmerising clown as he strikes from the dead to continue his deathly games. Hot on his trail are a group of paranormal investigators (spirit hunters international team), Messiah Fist (A christian heavy metal band on a mission from god) and Alon Baptiste ( A powerful spirit medium and destroyer of dark energys) . These are closely followed by 2 small town detectives by the names of Pope and Moss, forever inappropriate with an undeserved swagger.

crispy dan

Can they together rid the town of Crispys Curse, before the whole town becomes his victim?

The film stars Pete Bennett, Darren McAree, Max van da kraan, Jp Parsons, Kate Cubley, Angie belcher, Derek Acorah, Daniel Alexandra, Matthew Sandland, Wesley martin, Deano Ackerman, CJ makay.

Pete Bennett in Crispy's Curse

Crispy’s Curse looks like a unique, quirkly Horror comedy, that never takes itself too seriously and the trailer is as wacky, unusual and abstract as you might expect from a crazy clown movie. Once again the cinematography on the trailer is astounding as John’s films are made for next to nothing in terms of budget but always hold a high visual quality to them.