Class of 92 Review


An inspiring story of six friends who conquered the world of english football, Back to the Movies presents The Class of 92 Review.

The documentary covers the period from Manchester United’s FA Youth Cup win in 1992 to their Champions League triumph in 1999, which rounded off the Treble-winning 1998–99 season. The film cuts the narrative with the social and cultural changes taking place in Great Britain at the time.

The film secured full access with all six players and also includes interviews with former footballers Zinedine Zidane and Eric Cantona, former Manchester United youth coach Eric Harrison, film maker Danny Boyle, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and The Stone Roses bassist Mani.

This review may be slightly bias with me personally being a Manchester United fan but from the reviews I’ve read thus far the majority of people are saying you do not even need to be a football fan to enjoy this movie, so with excitement and anticipation I open the screener link and here we go.

Manchester United v Juventus - Gary Neville's Testimonial Match

The Class of 92 goes far beyond a story of football and championships. The film is angled wonderfully at the story of friendship, Camaraderie and the will and nature to succeed. Clips of memorable Manchester United moments linked with segmented interviews are the usual documentary style but the Class of 92 introduces clips of the lads sitting around a table or reminiscing at various locations and going over their experiences as a collective. It comes across more personal and more meaningful to hear it from their perspective outside of an interview scenario. This introduction of banter and reminiscing is really interesting to watch and gives the film a more intimate and informative feel.

As the film goes on and on the realisation that this is no ordinary documentary becomes apparent, how they dealt with become recognised, Beckham’s account of his world cup red card against Argentina and how it affected his emotional state for months to come, coping with fame, standing by one another through thick and thin. A true friendship story, a public friendship, a spotlighted friendship.


This film is a wonderful addition to not only a Manchester United fans DVD collection but anyone who has an ambition or desire to succeed. It can be done and the proof is right here on this wonderfully presented display.

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