Cinetour – Create Your Own Cinema Game With Friends


Presenting the first truly social, live multiplayer quiz game for movie
lovers everywhere : Cinetour !
Cinetour allows players on the web to test their cinema knowledge head-on against friends and strangers in real-time with different types of questions : identify the movie clips, movie quotes, enigmas, posters, and more.

Infinitely customizeable and adaptable : choose from over 5,000 questions on over
1,000 releases, regularly updated with new releases and challenging classics.
Create your own quiz by choosing themes and questions and host your own event!
The Cinetour web game also offers excellent prizes for winning through their
partnerships forged with movie sites and production companies. We’ve already
offered $6000 worth of prizes in France to cinephiles including free movie tickets, video-on demand credits, and invitations to movie premieres.

Try the demo at:

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